WMRack is a combination sound mixer and CD player, designed for use with the Window Maker Dock, but usable with most or all X11 window managers. It can easily be “swallowed” by the FVWM buttonbar, the Afterstep wharf or the Gnome or KDE panels.

WMrack makes effective use of its small size. If your Dock (wharf, panel, whatever) is getting crowded, the combined functionality of WMRack can be handy. If you don't play CDs very often, you can use WMRack primarily as a mixer, and still have a CD player available when you need it, without wasting space on it, and without needing to hunt through menus to find one.

WMRack as mixer
WMRack as player
Main Volume
CD Stopped
CD Volume
Playing CD
Playing CD

WMRack was originally written by Oliver Graf, but he has lost interest, and WMRack is now maintained by me, Chris Waters. I also maintain the WMRack package for the Debian Project. WMRack has only been verified to run on Linux, but I hope to add some other platforms before long.

The most recent release of WMRack can alway be found at the Sourceforge Files page . No mailing list at present, but there is a discussion forum , a bug tracking system and more at the Sourceforge WMRack Project Page.

WMRack is licensed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License .

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